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Saturday, Feb 24, 2024 Last update: 07-12-21
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HE IS THE ONE (original version) 6-19
We do have a leader to guide us out of this morass, this backwash of deceptions that was the 2016 election. This embarrassment to Americans -- such that one of my friends, when going abroad had to say: NoIm Canadian.

Yes, there is someone with a voice so clear and calm who sees the big picture, the magnanimity that is America, who has a monumental intelligence, a view of the world possibly comparable to Churchill. He might do better than John Kennedy (though would JFK survive today with all his sexual dalliances?). It is Pete Buttigieg.

After listening to his Road to the White House 2020 speech in Iowa (June 11th on CSPAN - https://www.c-span.org/series/?roadToTheWhiteHouse), I’d vote for him.

He is clearly right on every single issue, 9/10ths of which the others don’t even mention or have thought about in any depth. He has a vision that only a great leader possesses and I hope the people will recognize. He is the only one, so far, past or present that we could entrust our future to. I know I could sleep at night. Our stress level as a nation would come down. We wouldn’t need to work 2-3 jobs a day. We could be good to each other. With an outstanding leader like his, we could afford to educate ourselves into better lives.

He is not merely a politician managing the status quo. He wouldn’t hire a Dick Cheney, a Bolton, a bunch of ruinous sub managers that sabotage the creative, dynamic side that we are famous for.

If the Democrats elect the over touted Joe Biden to run, the TV networks will waste our time on tasteless, interminable sparring matches with Trump and not moving this nation forward. Along with his strident smile and evolving hairline, the Biden charisma is not enough. There is also his shameful record of voting for the Iraq war which left this nation four trillion dollars poorer.

Bernie Sanders should be the guardsman of our country pointing, guiding us in the direction we might go to avoid the icebergs of financial disaster, the pillaging of our social system.

We have Elizabeth Warren for - righting the wrongs done by the wolves of capitalism.

She has so many good ideas and should be given a prominent position in the next administration.     

Beto O’Rourke? Not presidential enough. A turnip in a class of vegetables.
Kirsten Gillibrand, too narrow a focus and . . . that voice!
Marianne Williamson is a philosopher. It’s devilishly difficult to be a politician, Marianne.

There is hope. We really need the best we can get now.

Thank you Harvard, thank you South Bend.
Hopefully there will be a down push in the economy just before the election which will encourage a dismissal - a vote for the other guy - with the orange turd defeated.