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83 GOING ON 84 - What it's like 3-17
The SECRET to a long life is D E S I R E. Desire to have, to do, make, create anew. So, nurture it, allow it, learn to have more - d e s i r e.

My biggest SECRET FOR PERSONAL SUCCESS - Never put anyone down. Never attack, diminish or criticize another. If they come at you with a low blow, come back by noticing something admirable about them, to raise their sense of security. Security is the key. That way, both of you will get more of what you want. Why waste time in arguments, disputes, disagreements. Time is precious no matter how old you are. LEAN UP - If it feels bad, don't do it, say it or even think it.

BE KIND TO EVERYBODY - Have no chip on your shoulder, no lurching, twisted, out of shape attitude, it'll affect your body, your posture and it's aging. You can stand up for yourself without hammering others. Let people raise their standards to yours. Like Michelle Obama says: "Don't go low," it's a waste of time. Walk away from unnecessary conflict.

FORGET ABOUT CHANGING PEOPLE - Everyone is right, given that person's experience. Diversity is needed. Without it this world wouldn't be much fun and who would repair your shoes?

FORGET COMPETITION - You are the only one in the world like you, irreplaceable. You are absolutely one of a kind. Don't give depression any space, it's not a motivator. You'll also be much more aware of what it is you contribute to the world.

NO DIETS - I notice I eat less, no longer crave junk food. I like what's good for me, my body is self regulating. I'll treat myself to a piece of dark chocolate and no longer gorge on that quart of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream.

NO DOCTORS - I've had almost no doctor visits in the last eight years which I attribute to the teaching and wisdom of Abraham-Hicks. Acidophilus helps. Liver powder is good for energy, but if I give you my formula you won't like it. Also, it's probably a good thing to think of death as transition, then you can see how important it is to DO THE RIGHT THING.

LOOK GOOD - Shave, comb your hair. Cleanliness is next to go-odliness. Look sharp, that war is over. You're not an urchin. Dress, behave like you are important. ACT like a champion, like you're first class, supreme. Others will run errands for you (that part surprised me). White hair is beautiful, put shine on it.

LOVE IS THE REAL DEAL. It'll be your reputation, how you treat your family, the way you become wealthy. It's the best medicine for the body. It's definitely where your power is. Love is in the details, try it while you are washing dishes.

In my eighties things changed, I no longer had to be the MOST -
the most popular, the richest, most Googled celebrity; even the smartest. I got to know and value myself better as a result. I didn't give my power away, it was within. Holy-Switch-A-Roo! - no government, boss, lover can take that away from you.