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Get Rid Of It... Leaf Blowers 11-11

CBS Sunday Morning TV - Nov 6, 2011
Julie Newmar

Every living creature in the range of a leaf blower is harmfully impacted.
It’s dumb-headed technology – it’s torture by technology.
A new DDT?   Design Dementia Technology.
Think of asbestos...  cigarettes...  the car alarm!
It’s irrational exuberance at its least productive.
It’s a blight on any neighborhood.
The noisier the neighborhood, the more negatively aggressive are its people.

It’s not good for us. It’s war, without our permission.
We don’t need it. It’s not necessary. Get rid of it.

The Japanese invented the leaf blower in the 60’s, to spray trees.
In America before the 70’s, our gardens, streets and sidewalks were perfectly fine and clean!   Leaf blowers weren’t needed. As any good doctor knows, sometimes it’s better to do nothing! 

There are only two kinds of people that like leaf blowers: the manufacturers and maybe the lawyers, not the workers. They’re always pissed off... sucking on those gas fumes.

There are two reasons that leaf blowers even exist: money and macho.    

Money – the manufacturers, the one percent, paid their lobbyists to go back to the city council to get the ban reversed. The ban that the people wanted, that they worked so hard to get. The manufacturers claimed it would put gardeners out of work. The reverse is true.

Macho – It is a macho machine!     
It’s a Viagra machine... that requires little, if no effort.
But unlike Viagra... it doesn’t do anything. It’s a false mistress.
A public nuisance.
It poisons neighborliness.
It makes people crazy.  
It destroys our human environment.  

Plants don’t like it. Hot air blown at hurricane force, 200 miles an hour, destroys the process of photosynthesis. That’s what plants do to change carbon dioxide back into the oxygen we breathe.  It is why we love being in a forest or a garden.

Why would you vacuum your lawn? Your lawn is not a billiard table.
Nature made leaves, leaves turn to mulch, mulch turns into the top soil which promotes next year’s growth.
If you vacuum your lawn, which contains four times the chemicals of agricultural land, you blow... desiccated dog doo, pesticides, mold... up into the air. It stays there for days for you to breathe.

On every Echo leaf blower machine it says: “Warning!  The engine exhaust... contains chemicals... causing cancer, birth defects...”
You might as well smoke three packs of cigarettes a day!

About Rights
Does the leaf blower guy have the right to pass all those gas fumes into my office, so I can’t breathe and have to run all over to close the windows?
Does he have a right... to jam that noise down my ears?
So I can’t talk on the phone, think or most importantly...  work?
Worst of all, does he have the right... to enter my body?
To shatter my nervous system?
I’d call that a form of rape... from which I cannot protect myself.

Here’s the bigger problem:
It’s the sound... that deeply disturbs people.
It is a narrow-band...  scream.
It is like a laser, the kind that is maliciously flashed in the eyes of pilots.

The sound of a leaf blower:
Is the sound...  of RAGE.